Welcome to Our Newest Way of Giving to Gloria Dei!

While we have been using the Tithe.ly giving system for over a year now, we are re-introducing this modern, convenient process for contributing to our Offering Funds.  We have thoroughly tested the process and many in the congregation have opted for the convenience and ease of Tithe.ly.  If you are looking for an easy way to Below is additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Remember, we still offer Giving Envelopes, Offering Collections at our services as well as by Mail giving.
  • Additionally, we would encourage all to consider using your bank’s Web Pay system using your envelope number as an account number.
  • So, if you would like to try this process, go ahead, and click on the “Give” button above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Tithe.ly
A. Many of us, especially our younger generations, no longer carry a checkbook or cash. However, most of us always have a personal device with us. Providing these giving options allows us to give anytime and anywhere in a matter of minutes. Also, you can set-up automatic recurrent giving and track your contributions on your mobile device.

We researched multiple companies and determined that Tithe.ly provided the best giving options at the most economical price and fewest fees.

Further through the ELCA and negotiations, we were able to generate an even lower fee basis.

Q. Okay, so how can I give on-line using Tithe.ly?
A. If you are reading this you are already on our website. Now just select the GIVE button. You will be directed to the Tithe.ly giving page

Q. What option giving methods can we choose from?
A. You may pay using a credit card, or a debit directly from your checking account.

Q. What are the fees to the Church for credit card giving?
A. Cost for Credit Card is 2.30% + $.25 per transaction. For example, a $100 gift through Credit Card would create a $2.55 administrative charge.

Q. What at the fees for an ACH, through your checking account?
A. Cost for ACH (check) at 0.5% and $.25 per transaction to the Church. For example, a $100 gift through ACH would create $0.75 administrative charge for the Church.

Q. Can I help offset the transaction fees?
A. Yes! By using Tithe.ly, you can simply turn on the Cover Processing Fees option. Tithe.ly will then calculate this amount and include it in your contribution.

Still have questions? Please contact either a member of Council, Peggy Sipes or Rick Graves.