Columbarium at the Garden Of The Saints

The Gloria Dei Columbarium resides in the Garden of the Saints, which is located on the church grounds behind the Atrium. Construction was completed in June 2011 and the Columbarium was consecrated on July 10, 2011 by Pastor Keyser.

The design, materials, and colors of the Columbarium were selected to compliment the beauty and tranquility of the Garden of the Saints. Garden benches are located near the Columbarium to provide a place for quiet meditation.

The Columbarium contains 56 single and 32 double niches for church members and their immediate families. Single niches can hold one set of cremains, and doubles can hold either one or two sets of cremains at the subscriber's choice. There are currently double and single niches available for purchase.

More information about policies, specifications, and available niches is available through the links provided below. For more information, call Peggy Sipes at the church office - 757-851-2838.

Columbarium Documents and Information

Gloria Dei Columbarium Policies and Procedures -This is the complete document for policies governing sales, rights, and responsibilities for the Columbarium.

Application for Niche Purchase - This is a copy of Appendix B of the Policy Document, and is the form members use to purchase niches.

Niche Size Specification - This is a specification diagram of interior and exterior niche dimensions.

Engraving Example  - This is a drawing of engraving style used for the niche faces.